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Michael Carriere (@mcarriereMichael Carriere is an engineer with an incurable case of entrepreneurship. An alum of Harmonix Music Systems, he worked on various games within the Rock Band and Dance Central franchises. His studio, Zapdot, is currently collaborating with multiple studios building serious, free-to-play, and mobile games. He aims to help Boston Indies to continue to grow into strongest and most useful resource for established and developing studios in the area.
Additional BI Roles: Media Editor/Photographer

Caroline Murphy (@car0murCaroline Murphy is a community organizer and head of Product Marketing at Kinvey; building communities is in her blood. She is co-founder and Executive Producer of the Boston Festival of Indie Games, the area’s largest not-for-profit indie games festival, now in its fourth year. She is co-organizer and community manager for Boston Indies, a popular independent games meet-up group. She is co-founder and co-manager for The LARP Forum, a non-profit community event promoting live action games in the New England area. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Be Epic, Inc., a live-action games production company.

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