Next Meetup

Boston Indies: Talk by Prof. Caitrin Lynch

Monday, July 20, 6-9pm
MIT Building 32, 32-155
32 Vassar St,
Cambridge, MA
Professor Caitrin Lynch of Olin College will talk about the different experiences she has had with anthropological studies; how anthropologists study the people/communities/cultures they have embedded themselves in, and how they draw data from their studies. She will talk about how this might apply to video game development and culture.

General Meetup Info

We gather once a month in Boston, typically the third Monday of the month, to talk about independent game development and aid each other in our endeavors. If you’re wondering whether you should come to a BI meetup, read our About page to get a sense for whether our community is right for you and you for it.


BYOB. Grab some grub beforehand. If you bring it in, just be sure to clean up after yourself so we don’t have to!