Please feel free to reach out to us on email.  For questions about:

  • Boston Indies meetups or the general community contact the Community Managers
  • The site and event coverage contact the Editorial Staff
  • The photos or any other embedded media on this site contact the Media Staff

Our Media Policy

To ensure that all communication and any exchanges of ideas in the community stay confidential unless permitted otherwise, we have established the rules of the Media Policy as follows:

  1. Any publication of information obtained from the Boston Indies community must be approved by the owner of such information. The default assumption is that all information is confidential. If permission cannot be obtained, the information cannot be made public.
  2. Taking pictures during the monthly meetings is OK but do not take clear shots of the presentation or demos being shown without prior permission.

In summary, be nice to each other and preserve the circle of trust.

–Thanks, from the Boston Indies Administration and Event Coverage Staff