Our Community

Boston Indies has proven time and time again that we’re not you’re average game development group.

What we do differently:

  • Meaningful feedback – The community cares about making great games, and we push each other to improve.
  • Openness – Boston Indies is a safe place to learn and grow. Whether it’s sharing mistakes or financials, we know how to keep private things private and are able to learn from one another because of that.
  • Gumption – Our community members make things happen and aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. This results in awesome content and great dialogue.
  • Welcoming – I’m consistently impressed by how fast new members are brought into the community and made to feel a part of something great.

We hope you’ll join us and make amazing games.


April 21 2014 Meetup: Working With Composers

At MIT Stata Center Building 32, room 32-155.
6pm – 9pm

Working with Composers

 Li Xiao’an presents a primer for developers regarding process, communication and common problems/solutions in working with composers. He will detail the steps involved in creating a soundtrack, and reveal industry figures and practices relating to music production for video games.

 Li Xiao’an is the founder and music director of Boston Scoring, the first one-stop full-service music production company in Boston with a full roster of on-call recording musicians (60+ and growing). He has written for casual, mobile and PC titles, commercial spots and educational videos, and also recorded guitar over the last 6 years for platinum and chart-topping producers and artists in Asia and the USA.

Learn more at and


March 10th, 2014- Postmortem on Codename Cygnus

At MIT Stata Center Building 32, room 32-155.
6pm – 9pm
Interactive radio drama Codename Cygnus is the result of reviving elements of old time radio drama with contemporary sound and narrative design techniques. Jonathon Myers of Reactive Studios will provide a postmortem of the past year of development. This session will cover some of the challenges, limitations, and discoveries that emerged while focusing entirely on acoustic storytelling. It will also cover some lessons learned about the ups and downs in the early stages of starting up and growing an indie studio.
Jonathon specializes in the use of narrative elements for casual audience engagement. He was responsible for the writing and narrative design of titles such as Indiana Jones Adventure World by Zynga Boston, Game of Thrones Ascent by Distruptor Beam, and Jack Lumber by Owlchemy Labs.

January 20th – Legal Issues in Indie Game Development

Our January 20th talk will be at a different time and place than usual!

Where: Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, Commons area

When: 6pm-9pm, Monday, January 20th, 2014

What: Liz Surette will be giving a crash course in legal issues in indie game dev. Topics may include:

Contracts / Work For Hire / NDAs
Business formation and structure
…and/or all kinds of things in between.
The talk will be for informational purposes and is not meant to be legal advice, bear in mind!

December 2013- Holiday Festivus!

December is always a rough month with travel and holidays abound, so last year we tried something new. We threw a holiday party instead of our normal talks/demo nights, and it was a great success!

It’s a chance to play games that you may have missed this year, catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and toast to the new year.

So put on your best ugly reindeer sweater, grab some hot cocoa (or a beer) and a game or two, and head on over to our Boston Indies Holiday Festivus meet up on December 16th at 7pm.

See you then!

– Michael and Caroline


Extra Life Recap – Nov 3rd, 2013

The Boston Indies team worked with the fine folks at Intrepid Labs to put on an AWESOME Extra Life fundraising event on Nov 3rd!

There were board games abound, tons of video games, even an Occulus Rift! Gamers came from all over to spend their time raising money for Boston Children’s Hospital.

All told, we raised nearly $2000!

HUGE thanks to Intrepid, who provided free pizza and drinks for all the hungry marathoners! We can’t wait for next year!

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September 2013 Boston Indies – David Rangel Tech Demo of Corona SDK

Hi Indies,
We’re excited to announce a very awesome technical talk for September’s Indies, as well as drinks and snacks sponsored by Corona Labs!

Talk Title: Building a Candy Crush Style Game in Under 1 Hour

Casual mobile games, such as’s Candy Crush Saga, are setting monetization records and attracting a huge audience. This month, David Rangel of Corona Labs, will show mobile developers how they can use Corona SDK to build a Candy Crush-style game, with sophisticated effects and gameplay, in under 1 hour!

David will do a code walkthrough and cover how to work with a physics engine, handle touch events, implement game logic, provide score keeping, and make use of in-game audio. He’ll use only 9 functions and just over 500 lines of simple code to create an impressive end result.

As background, Corona SDK is a popular development platform for building cross-platform 2D games for mobile. Blockbusters include Fun Run (20M+ downloads), Blast Monkeys (12M+ downloads) and more. Check out the Corona Hall of Fame for more app/game spotlights.

david-rangelSpeaker: David Rangel, COO of Corona Labs

Bio: David Rangel is the COO of Corona Labs and a seasoned technology and startup executive. Rangel oversees marketing, business development and operations for Corona Labs’ flagship product, Corona SDK, a development platform used by over 250,000 developers. Corona SDK allows developers around the globe to create rich, graphical multi-platform mobile apps, games and eBooks. Previously, Rangel was Founder and CEO of Daily Gourmet, Head of Merchant Services at Groupon, a Principal at MK Capital and a Group Manager in the Corporate Strategy Group at Microsoft. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Northwestern University.

As always, we’ll be at Bocoup Loft, 355 Congress St, Boston MA, 7pm-10pm. For more info visit our Meetups Page.

February 2013 Meet-up Announcement

The February 2013 Boston Indies meetup will be on Monday, February 18th @ 7pm.

We have a speaker this month:

Leveling Up: Video Games as Art

An avid gamer and artist, Anthony Montuori will discuss his own works as well as open the floor for a discussion about the current status of video games and their legitimacy as an art form. Looking at the history of what is acceptable as a working artist, and what is acceptable as a working game developer, this meet up will try to establish a dialogue about the way the two fields have more recently begun to overlap, as artists begin to make games, and game developers begin to make art.

The meeting will be at the Bocoup Loft — 355 Congress Street, Boston, MA — from 7pm – 10pm. BYOB and BYOFood. You can find more info about our meetups on the Meetups page.