March 10th, 2014- Postmortem on Codename Cygnus

At MIT Stata Center Building 32, room 32-155.
6pm – 9pm
Interactive radio drama Codename Cygnus is the result of reviving elements of old time radio drama with contemporary sound and narrative design techniques. Jonathon Myers of Reactive Studios will provide a postmortem of the past year of development. This session will cover some of the challenges, limitations, and discoveries that emerged while focusing entirely on acoustic storytelling. It will also cover some lessons learned about the ups and downs in the early stages of starting up and growing an indie studio.
Jonathon specializes in the use of narrative elements for casual audience engagement. He was responsible for the writing and narrative design of titles such as Indiana Jones Adventure World by Zynga Boston, Game of Thrones Ascent by Distruptor Beam, and Jack Lumber by Owlchemy Labs.