February 2013 Meet-up Announcement

The February 2013 Boston Indies meetup will be on Monday, February 18th @ 7pm.

We have a speaker this month:

Leveling Up: Video Games as Art

An avid gamer and artist, Anthony Montuori will discuss his own works as well as open the floor for a discussion about the current status of video games and their legitimacy as an art form. Looking at the history of what is acceptable as a working artist, and what is acceptable as a working game developer, this meet up will try to establish a dialogue about the way the two fields have more recently begun to overlap, as artists begin to make games, and game developers begin to make art.

The meeting will be at the Bocoup Loft — 355 Congress Street, Boston, MA — from 7pm – 10pm. BYOB and BYOFood. You can find more info about our meetups on the Meetups page.

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